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    Doing form customization with flexfields in EBS urgent question


      Hi, We have a form in EBS that was customized in EBS a long time ago, and we are upgrading to R12.2.9. We want to take the opportunity to use the "modern" way of customizing a form where you don't change the actual form itself, you "adjust" it and use flexfields. I am a sysadmin and Apps DBA and I do not have a  programming background (other than doing Basic, Turbo Pascal programs in high school). So I've managed to work with our main EBS functional guy to build the new form using Flexfields. There is a custom table in EBS (which is populated by a DB link to another database) that we are using to select a "work order" number out of this other system. This (company specific number) value needs to get populated in this form. In fact I've worked on this issue for some time, and it took several attempts, but I was able to "register" the custom table so my co-worker can pull it up select a list of values out of it. We are using custom flexfields to create the LOV. OK so we got that working and my co-worker who like I say is mostly functional is doing most of the work "building" the form. But now we have a hurdle. He wants it so that depending on which org_id the user is coming from, they only see the "work order" numbers that are for that organization. So I think I need to somehow figure out - in Oracle Forms, how does it store the employee id that the person logged in as for that forms session? I am not sure if this is called "stateful" variable - but I need to know how to access/pull that information. Once I have that I could find their org_id with a join.


      Thanks in advance, and sorry that this is probably something very obvious I just have not done it before. Also - what is this called? Is this form "customization" or "personalization"? If I can classify what I am doing more concretely, then I can look up what to do in google, youtube, oracle documentation, etc. Thanks.