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    excel datefield format export



      Ii am a bit confused how developer exports date fields to excel (xlsx not csv):


      Since a few versions the Sql Developer exports date fields as Excel date fields and no longer as text fields. That's actually a great thing. Unfortunately not really usable for me, because the American date / time format is set in the Excel style sheet and it is very time-consuming to adapt this in Excel after the export or manipulate the source queries with "to_char"; with several hundred columns with date format it's not that practical.


      I would like there to be an option to set how date and number fields are stored in the XLSX "style.xml" in a direct Excel export (xlsx). Currently, the date format is permanently stored in the american style, which is unusual for me as a western european.


      "style.xml" part  in the xlsx zip file:


          <numFmt numFmtId="164" formatCode="m/d/yyyy h:mm AM/PM"/>

          <numFmt numFmtId="165" formatCode="m/d/yyyy"/>



      And my dateformat settings in the NLS section unfortunately are ignored when I export directly to xlsx.


      Or I am miss something and there is an option to set the formatcode for fields in excel?


      Best regards