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    How do I divide the summary's evaluated value in formula instead of it's row?


      Hello, I am creating a Saved Search using formulas to divide two Transaction Body fields containing a formula.


      Let's call this Field A:

      ABS(CASE WHEN {quantity}<0  THEN {quantity} ELSE 0 END)


      Let's call this Field B:

      CASE WHEN {quantity}>0  THEN {quantity} ELSE 0 END


      Here is what I am attempting to do with these two formulas:

      Field A / Field B


      This is the summary page of my item saved search:


      As you may have figured from the given two formulas, I would receive an error because when I click the Inventory Item, the transactions that make up this number is always divided by zero. The zero is entered from the ELSE statement. Field A is a positive quantity integer of sold items. Field B is a negative quantity integer turned into a positive number to indicate items returned.


      Do you know a workaround to perform the divide without having the system evalulate the components?

      Thanks in advance.