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    Transaction status of a worksheet

    Ralf Koelling



      i tried to find a solution myself but did not succeed -so I thought to ask the real experts ;-)


      When I close an worksheet in SQLDeveloper it tells me if I have open transactions and asks if I wand to do a commit or a rollback.

      Is there a possibility to configure SQLDeveloper in a way that it activley shows this information (open transactions) visually in the UI - maybe as a green/red light / checked box / different background colour / Text in Status line. ????

      I know that I could check the v$transcation view ... but I would prefer something always visible (without typing/clicking) like a 'red light' ;-)


      Any ideas ?


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          you could build a report and have it set to refresh, then dock that in a corner of your desktop


          other than that, don't know of anything

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            Philipp Salvisberg

            The "dirty" state of a worksheet is shown for the editor for content only (italic title=not saved; normal tile=saved to file). However, the DB state is ignored, as you pointed out. It would affect all windows with the associated connection.


            What you want already exists for other database-associated editors. E.g. when you change a row of a table. The non-committed state is indicated on the row that has been changed (with a star) and on the title of the tab (italic text). So this concept is partially implemented in SQL Developer. I guess it's possible to implement that as a new feature for worksheets as well. Either in SQL Developer or as a custom extension.