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    Monitor Sessions excluding sessions from Windows SYSTEM account


      I've noticed that when I look in "Monitor Sessions..." under the Tools menu, that some sessions in the database that I know exist would be missing from the output. If I looked in v$session myself or through OEM, I would find sessions not listed in Monitor Sessions. I'm using SQL Developer 20.2 on Windows 10 x64.


      Clicking on the SQL button (Run Report in SQL Worksheet) in the Monitor Sessions window shows the issue in the where clause being used:


           and nvl(vs.osuser,'x') <> 'SYSTEM'


      It turns out we have some apps that connect to the DB from the Windows SYSTEM account. I'm not sure what the purpose of excluding sessions from the Windows SYSTEM account is, but if I run the query with that line commented out, I get exactly what I would expect to see.


      So I guess I'm wondering if excluding sessions from the Windows SYSTEM account is there for a good reason, perhaps to exclude certain sessions from a database running on Windows (our DBs run on Linux and Solaris), or if this part of the where clause could be removed in a future version of SQL Developer. Though I did run a test against an Oracle database on Windows and I didn't see anything when I changed that line from "<> 'SYSTEM'" to "= 'SYSTEM'".