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    Fecth document from multiple Collections SODA oracle 19C


      Hi All,


      How to fetch document from multiple Collections in SODA oracle 19 C ?

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          Just open each collection, and fetch the documents from it.


          For example:


          OracleDatabase db = ...


          // Open the first collection

          OracleCollection col1 = db.openCollection("myFirstCollectionNameHere");


          // Open the second collection

          OracleCollection col2 = db.openCollection("mySecondCollectionNameHere");


          // Get the documents from the first collection. filter(...) is just an example - this will get the documents matching a QBE.

          // You could alternatively use key(...) or keys(...), to fetch documents by their keys.

          OracleCursor c1 = col1.find().filter(...).getCursor();

          while (c1.hasNext())

              OracleDocument doc = c1.next();


          // Very important: close the cursor



          // Get the documents from the second collection.

          OracleCursor c2 = col2.find().filter(...).getCursor();

          while (c2.hasNext())

              OracleDocument doc = c2.next();



          Does this code snippet answer your question or do you need a full runnable example?