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    Toolbar bug


      Once in a while something happens and the Toolbar goes crazy and displays a bunch of icons:





      I haven't been able to duplicate a will or find out when it happens, why it happens.

      There is something I can do to get it back, other than restart it, but I can remember what now.


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          it means you've activated the Data Modeler feature - that's the Modeler toolbar for adding entities/tables, relationships, etc

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            I never use this.

            Is there a key sequence that I might be hitting that brings this up.

            And how do I get rid of it?

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              Glen Conway

              At least one way to bring up that toolbar:


              1) Click on a table in the Navigator tree, then click on the Model tab of the Object Browser.

              2) The Object Browser toolbar contains an icon for "Copy to Data Modeler". Mouse over that to see the tool tip:


              3) Once you click on "Copy to Data Modeler", a subview tab opens.  That "crazy" toolbar displays for the subview  tab, but also displays when switching back to the normal Object Viewer tabs.


              For this case, just close the subview tab to get rid of it.


              Possibly you are accessing the Data Modeler feature via some other path in the UI (View > Data Modeler or Tools > Data Modeler), and eventually get that toolbar to display. But it should not just pop up without being requested

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                Nah. Never used this Data Modeler in any way shape or form.

                As of matter of fact if I need to navigates objects, I use another tool. So once I set up SQL Developer I rarely click on the menus.

                Just playing now with it, I get icons like these that disappear when I close the view.


                But those are very few in comparison to what I get. Click on the image I attached on the initial email. The whole toolbar gets filled.

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                  you have a subview open, that's part of the data modeler, that's why you have data modeler toolbar/icons showing

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                    Glen Conway

                    Hmmm, if somehow a subview tab is actually open but you cannot see it in the UI (except for the side-effect of that toolbar in other, visible tabs) maybe one of these will help (from the main menu bar):


                    1) Window > Reset Windows to Factory Settings

                    2) Tools > Features > Clear Cache button

                    3) Tools > Features > Uncheck the Data Modeler feature


                    probably with a restart of SQL Developer after (2) or (3).  In any event, an unusual case.


                    Good luck,

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                      Jeff, as I showed on the second image, opening the subview shows very few icons.

                      Again I never use the modeler or use the menus that much, so I have no idea how it is happening.


                      Glen, I will keep these 3 options in mind for next time it happens. I always need to restart it.



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                        you are in fact using the data modeler when you open that subview from the table diagram, that toolbar will remain open until you close the modeler tab/design that's created for you when you ask the smaller diagram to be promoted to a full design