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    Connections disappeared in 4.1.0


      SQLDEVELOPER: 4.1.0

      ORACLE RAC: 

      Nodes: 2

      OS for SQL Developer: Win 7


      I was trying to migrate my several dozen connections from my 4.1.0 Sqldeveloper on old PC to a file, so I could move it to the new PC on the new SQL Developer. I have no idea what happened, but all of my connections have disappeared.  Now I have no connections on that sql developer GUI.


      Is there any way I can find a file that may have my old connections and I could restore it on my new PC and on my new SQL Developer ?   My online search shows that I need to go to

      C:\Users\........\Roaming\Sqldeveloper\System     My sql developer is installed in my Downloads folder.  I cannot find a System folder in my SQL Developer install.  Please advice.