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    no conexion error 12505


      buen dia porfavor alguien me podria ayudar no he podido conectarme a la base de datos me buscado en la web diferentes soluciones pero no logro arreglarlo adjunto la imajen del error y una validacion en sql plus espero

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          Gaz in Oz

          d:\Gaz\F>oerr ora 12505

          12505, 00000, "TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor"

          // *Cause:  The listener received a request to establish a connection to a

          // database or other service. The connect descriptor received by the listener

          // specified a SID for an instance (usually a database instance) that either

          // has not yet dynamically registered with the listener or has not been

          // statically configured for the listener. This may be a temporary condition

          // such as after the listener has started, but before the database instance

          // has registered with the listener.

          // *Action:

          //  - Wait a moment and try to connect a second time.

          //  - Check which instances are currently known by the listener by executing:

          //    lsnrctl services <listener name>

          //  - Check that the SID parameter in the connect descriptor specifies

          //    an instance known by the listener.

          //  - Check for an event in the listener.log file.

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            Mike Kutz

            SID="XE" is the CDB of 18c Express Edition (XE) version of the database.


            There is no 12c XE.  You are connecting to an EE database.  The SID value is clearly not the correct value for the database you are trying to connect to.


            run "lstnrctl -status" to check who the Listener is listening for.



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              According to the names of your services, the name of your database is ORCL.