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    How to I persist the percentage calculation on the Totals row?


      I am updating my Saved Search so that the totals row can still perform percentage properly.


      Currently, the totals row is still blindly coming up with the SUM of the rows above it. This is incorrect and not actually practical in this context for the formula (percent) field type.

      Ideally, it is supposed to be Total Qty Returned divided by Total Qty Sold.

      2020-09-08 12_50_30-Window.png


      My vague idea was to update the formula field by applying a CASE WHEN the row is identified or marked as a total, THEN perform the ideal division of the two mentioned columns.

      When I made my attempt on this solution, I tried the % total function, but the numbers at the bottom is not supposed to be 100%.


      In practice, I don't think formulas were designed to execute this idea. It is looking closer to a Suitelet solution to substitute the totals row value with a custom-made one.

      Unfortunately, using Suitelet to complicate a seemingly simle solution is not my given objective.


      Goal: Update the current saved search to make total percent perform the division as did the above rows.

      Purpose: So that users of the saved search can discover out of all of a particular filtered criteria, what the percentage of rotten apples are green that are returned and to determine whether other colours (when a criteria is introduced) of apples needs to be thrown out too or be kept in store.


      Is there a workaround solution to this?


      Thanks in advance.