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    Open / Save as .. for User defined reports - Bug in default location?


      the last time I opened and saved a lot of user defined reports, and sometimes(?) there is a confusion between filename and folder. Maybe it's a basic feature of java tools - I don't know



      • User defined report - right click on a folder - save as ....
      • As "Location" in the top of the "save - dialogue" appears (sometimes?) not a folder, but a full file (usually the last used filename): d:\data\my_reports.xml
        (In other cases, in "Location" a folder is displayed, but in "filename" there is a folder-like name: report_export.xml/report_export.xml
      • When I try to save with these settings or changed the filename to "test_report", it seems to save under d:\data\my_reports.xml\test_report.xml" and it creates an error: "Unable to open file"


      Bug or feature?