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    OCS Workspace web services


      I am trying to access wsdl file for OCS Workspace web services.
      The doc said the link is http://<host>:<port>/ocw/ws for all services.
      But I could not.

      How do I check if OCS Workspace web services is running?
      And is there any other link to access Workspace wsdl ?

      Thanks in advance.
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          The link you have posted is correct. It should bring up a page which has links to the WSDL files. One such link that you can try directly is this:

          Note that the web services endpoint is defined in OID at this location:
          Check the attribute "labeleduri;webservicesurl".

          Check that the Workspaces GUI is up and running. Both the GUI and the web services endpoint are hosted in the OC4J_OCSClient instance. Use this command to check the status of that instance:
          $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl status

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            Hi Neil,

            Thank for your information. But I can not find the attribute at OID you mentioned.
            Do you have any idea why it is missing?
            Is it related to installation procedure or do we have to install additional package?

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              The OID entry mentioned is created as part of the configuration process for Workspaces (which runs during the installation of workspaces - the config assistant at the end).

              If that whole entry is absent from OID, then workspaces was not installed correctly. Is the workspaces GUI application working?

              If ONLY the attribute "labeleduri;webservicesurl" is missing, then you may have a version of workspaces prior to (in which web services were added). In that case, I would recommend upgrading to, which is the latest patch version.

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                I don't understant why I can't excute the DBMS_WM.BEginDLL....How can I compile it?
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                  Hi, we do have patch applied , but even that we are not able to see the workspace webservice page, also dont find any reazon why is that

                  any idea


                  German Luis