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    How do you folks define "moderninzation"?

      Interested in understanding what "mordernization" is? Are we talking about application modernization? Infrastructure? Are they one-in-the-same?
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          Application and infrastructure modernization are inter-related, however our focus is on what it takes to modernize applicaitons and what infrastructure you need as a result. Application modernization is generally defined as changing infrastrcuture (e.g. new platform) while preserving at least business content if not some technical content of original app. More info will be posted on oracle.com by end of the month.
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            The Modernization Site is up...so explore away.
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              Gain agility—Use process driven Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts to respond quickly to business opportunities, gain more insight from your information, and spend less time maintaining systems and more time driving business value
              Eliminate risk—Eliminate reliance of unsupported technologies and hard-to-find skill sets. Prepare for the eventual departure of experienced personnel who understand legacy systems and outdated languages
              Reduce cost—Consolidate to high productivity open-systems environments, eliminate duplicate technologies, and adopt lower cost hardware and software
              Address compliance—Modernize to environments where business processes are better controlled, business procedures are implemented quickly, and changes are properly audited

              Good to know all this. Thanks guys.