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    Exception with custom agent

      I've written a custom search agent using jcifs (jcifs.samba.org) to access files. looking the the logs, it successfully lists all the files, saying it has 50k+ to index.

      However, whenever it tries to actually index the files, it logs:

      Processing smb://<url>
      WKG-30164: Unable to open socket to host ""
      "javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?"
      WKG-30025: smb://<url>: Connection refused

      I've written a test class, run on the same server, that successsfully crawls the files. So it's not a permission issue. Nor is it an issue with multiple threads; I ran my test class with an insane number of threads with no issues.

      Any ideas?