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    quoted fields in d3l


      from an application we receive csv-files that we process using an ftp-adapter in d3l-mode.
      The application delivers files where the fields are defined as quoted (unfortunately this is an option of M$-applications to "tell"that the fields are text-type....(tsss.)
      So the lines look like this, in this example the fields contain (name, address, city)
      "Mr. J. Doe"',"Bakerstreet","doughtown"
      "Ms. Granny Smith","Fruitlane","Appletown"

      in the D3l file I only know the option to declare a limstrin or a termstring. Both are not working
      (#66 is the ")
      1) a limstring <"#66,#66"> would expect the file to look like this:
      ","Mr J.Doe","","Bakerstreet","","doughtown","
      -> problem

      2) a termstring <#66,#66> would expect the file to look like this:
      Mr. J.Doe","Bakerstreet","doughtown","

      How can we indicate that the fields are quoted? Is there a special declaration, or combination?
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          Had u tried with delimiters.Delimiter character is expected before and after the string so u can use #66 as a delimiter character which can parse "string" and then use termstring with endchar="," .. this should parse string like below

          Hope this can help u if u had not tried using delimiters till now.