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    Unable to login

      I have installed ILM but whent I reach the application page
      http://hostname:7777/pls/apex/f?p=737677 and I click on login button nothing happened.

      Any suggestion ?
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          I have had this problem myself some time back and if I remember correctly it was a problem with the config files. Although you can try editing the files (sorry but I can't remember what I changed to get it working because it was sometime ago) with APEX it is usually better to uninstall, stop all browsers, make sure that all of the software has been removed. I usually do a reboot to make absolutely certain and then I reinstall.

          Its really important to follow the APEX installation steps to the letter, otherwise problems like this can occur.

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            My Apex is up & running I have different demo apps made with it without any problems.

            Is something related to ILM application, I have installed the ILM app into apex without problem but when you run it and tried to login nothing happened, no error sound similar a branch to page that is missing

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              What are you using to invoke the ILM Assistant?

              Try this and see if this helps http://<your machine>:7777/pls/htmldb/f?p=737677:4:65628703876201::NO:RP,4::

              What is on the screen where nothing seems to happen
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                I see the username and password login page
                I enter the username (admin) the password (my apex admin password), I click on login button and nothing happened I remain on the login page

                My apex relase is 2.2.1, hopes this help

                Thanks for your help
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                  Hi Luca,

                  Can you estimate how many tables you have in your database, excluding Oracle-owned tables?

                  We have a recently-detected defect in the ILM Assistant where database with many tables (something greater than hundreds, I suspect) causes this symptom. If this is indeed the case, we are currently working on a fix. If you don't have a large set of tables, we will need further investigation to determine the cause of your hang.

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                    I'm sure that I have more than 100 tables inside my DB.
                    Anyway I have fixed the problem. I have re-apply the security attributes and now I'm able to login.
                    I'll keep you posted

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                      I had the same problem. The reason was an incorrect setting for the path to the apex images in marvel.conf (Alias /i/ ...).

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                        I installed the application express and i can log in and create users. The problem is that when i installed ILM with these parameters:

                        Workspace: ILM_TOOLKIT
                        Name: ADMIN
                        Password: FLOWS_020200

                        I can´t acces the application. Am I doing something wrong?

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                          Sorry for the delay. Someone should be able to help you tomorrow. Thanks, Jack
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                            By logging in as you describe, are you trying to see the contents of the application? If so, that is not possible because we supply it as a run only unit.

                            If you are trying to run the application, then use the link in the installtion guide and it should just prompt you for the username and password.

                            • 11. Apex 3.0 and ILM Assistant

                              I need some help here form the ILM/Apex exterts.

                              I installed the Apex 3.0 on a 10gr2 Database. ILM assistant went fine.

                              I can access and login into the Apex pages and also into the ILM pages.

                              But i do not seem to get any other tabs of logical tiers et all shown in the documentation. I have loaded this in an Apps 11i ERP database with millions of tables. Can someone help me...

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                                Hi Rakesh,

                                If the target database does indeed have many tables, then ILM Assistant 1.0 has a problem. We are currently preparing V1.1, which will address the large table count problem as well as fix other minor bugs. If you can hang on, I will have a kit loaded up on OTN within a week or so.

                                If that is not the problem, we may have to do some investigation. I do know that others have had success at running Apex 3.0 with ILMA, but it hasn't been thoroughly tested.

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                                  If you would like to try out the new kit which is specifically to help address some of the issues you are seeing please contact me directly at lilian.hobbs@oracle.com

                                  Lilian Hobbs
                                  Product Manager for ILM Assistant
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                                    Hi Greg and Lilian,

                                    I will contact directly as requested directly.


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