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    Header Sub Templates – How to Get Working on Server?

      I have header sub templates working on the desktop but can’t get them to work in XML Publisher Enterprise Server (non Oracle Apps). Can someone help?

      Here is the call within my working Desktop calling template:


      I’m looking for appropriate Server syntax to substitute for the Desktop reference call.

      Here’s what I have done in XML Publisher:
      - For the Header template
      1 Created a new report Hdr
      2 Created a new layout and uploaded the Hdr.rtf file into it.
      3 Associated the template with the Hdr.rtf file
      4 To allow it to run, I created a Data Model Data set, SELECT 1 as CODE FROM dual
      - Note, the XML renders as expected

      - For the Main template
      1 Created a new main report
      2 Changed the Import call within the Word RTF to a URL based one ( took some guesses here )
      3 Created a new layout and uploaded the Main.rtf file
      - Note, I have confirmed this Main template works when I remove the reference to the sub template.

      Note, I have read through the blog item but can’t use its content to overcome my documented problem ( eg. http://blogs.oracle.com/xmlpublisher/2006/04/11#a11 ).

      In advance thanks,
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