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    Partial dates in OC


      I need help with partial dates in Oracle Clinical. The system does not allow to enter a partial date for concomitant medication start date for example. How to enter dates as UK-UK-2004 or UK-May-2005?
      Thank you in advance!
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          try entering 00-00-2007 etc but u will have to extract the data and then check what results are you getting after entering this. most DB designers will have the DB accept partial dates in this manner but if you still want UK-UK-2007 then you will have to request the DB builder to accept these dates in the DB this way you will not be flagged when you enter a UK for unknown date. hope this helps.
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            For a Date datatype if someone is entering a partial date, OC will allow him/her to enter this date but system will raise a univariate discrepancy suggesting that the datatype is not matching. You would be able to enter the partial date like NK-NK-2006 but a discrepancy will be raised. If required, you may raise a DCF for the same or resolve it manually by forcefully closing that discrepancy (if it is mentioned in your Self Evident Guidelines of your company).

            However, care need to be taken to mention to accept "FULL_VALUE_TEXT" for this field which can be addressed by your Oracle database designer, so that this date is visible in your extracts.

            Hope this helps!!
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              Data that does not meet database structure specifcation is stores in EXCEPTION_VALUE_TEXT. You can enable this in Data Extract View so that this value is availabe in views and SAS Datasets.
              Use the following Nevigation:
              Definition=>Data Extract View Builder=>View Definitions=>View Templates=>Details. Then check the atribute which you want to see in datasets.

              Warm Regards,
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                yeah, they are right.. OC will allow but a discrepency is created. Closing it manually works... I have another problem, wheni enter date as 23-aug-2008 in the forms (RDC or OC data entry) tried checking this in the view builder and data looks like this '20080823' but the SAS dataset date format should be 23-AUG-2008 this right?? i dont know y this is happening... i created the date question as DATE type and format as DMY in oc..(moreover the oracle stores the date as DD-MON-YY format but y is it storing this way or shows me in view builder)
                I changed the date format type at DCM level .. to be STANDARD ~~ what can be reason? and the solution?