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    Desparately need iProcurement Guidance

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm an experienced PHP programmer. I have been experimenting with implementing iProcurement for my client. Basically I'm trying to setup Model 2a which is punchout from iProcurement to a Supplier-hosted catalog.
      My client's system is written on PHP. I'm having trouble reading XML (i'm using OAG, not cXML) posts from the Oracle Supplier Network self testing area. I have already setup 2 accounts at the Oracle Supplier Networks and made them approved trading partners.

      Has anyone doe this kind of project in PHP/XML? I have the oracle manuals, but I'm hoping someone knows some good resouce for php or php api to establish the server connections and xml. I have done alot of research and hours of trying, but no success yet.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm also considering one on one paid consulting, so please contact me if interested. It's needed asap.