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    Information on BES and Queue

    suman adhikary
      Hi All,

      When we create/update a Party Events related transactions are populated in WF_DEFERRED queue.

      We are trying to create a custom Queue with the similar structure as WF_DEFERRED and want to capture all these events in the custom table.

      Do you have any idea where can we find the setup for WF_DEFERRED queue in the Oracle Applications. If we can get this information we are trying to do the similar setup for custom Queue and see whether these events are getting captured by Custom Table.

      Please let me know my question requires more clarity ...

      Appreciate your response ~

      Thanks in Advance.
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          First create user <cAqOwner>.
          It will hold your custom queues and queue tables.

          -- execute under SYS
          cAqOwner      VARCHAR2(100) := 'XXI';
          cAqInName VARCHAR2(100) := 'XXI_INBOUND';
          cAqOutName     VARCHAR2(100) := 'XXI_OUTBOUND';
          cAQType      VARCHAR2(100) := 'APPS.WF_EVENT_T';
          bMultiConsum BOOLEAN := false;


          -- Create inbound AQ
          -- inbound queue mast be multiple consumers, otherwise queue listener won't start
          sys.dbms_aqadm.create_queue_table (cAqOwner||'.'||cAqInName, Queue_payload_type=> cAQType, multiple_consumers => true);
          sys.dbms_aqadm.create_queue (Queue_name => cAqOwner||'.'||cAqInName, Queue_table => cAqOwner||'.'||cAqInName);

          -- Create outbound AQ
          sys.dbms_aqadm.create_queue_table (cAqOwner||'.'||cAqOutName, Queue_payload_type=> cAQType, multiple_consumers => bMultiConsum);
          sys.dbms_aqadm.create_queue (Queue_name => cAqOwner||'.'||cAqOutName, Queue_table => cAqOwner||'.'||cAqOutName);


          After createing queues you can create and start Agents on them in BES.
          Then use it :-)

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            Hi ,
            Thanks a lot for your help.

            Now We are able to create the Custom queue.

            When a party is created Business events related to this transaction are captured in WF_DEFERRED.

            We are looking to capture these same events in our Custom queue as well.

            We are able find the event name which is firing if party is created. But we are unable to find how this is configured in the system
            ** How Events are linked to the Queue /Queue table.

            Kindly pls help us where/How can we configure this in the BES.

            Thanks in advance.
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              If you whant to pass message to custom queue on event:
              1) create an Agent for you custom queue
              2) create a subscription for your event and in its action set "Send to Agent"

              For more detail, please see documentation on Workflow BES

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                Hi ,

                Thanks for your kind support.

                1. I have created a Custom Queue with default settings.
                2. Started the Queue
                3. Then created new Agent and attached it to the Custom Queue. Agent type IN.
                4. Next created a subscriber on the standard event by selecting action type as "send to Agent".

                But we are not able to capture these events into our custom Queue. Kindly Help how to debug this.

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                  Of course!

                  You want to get message out of OEBS (from OEBS) but made IN Agent!
                  You need OUT agent for this:-)
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                    Thanks a lot.
                    We are able to capture the standard events into our custom Queue.

                    But the CORRID is not populating in the custom queue(it is coming as NULL),All other information is coming correctly. Whereas in WF_DEFERRED this information is getting captured correctly.

                    Kindly suggest what could be the wrong.