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    Script Start/Stop Oracle Applications Services


      I am constructing some scripts to stop or start some Oracle Applications services (APP, Apache, DB, Construct Manager, discover, forms, etc)

      I now that are some script in the folder \viscomn\admin\scripts\, but my questions are, what services must I stop/start first?? The APP?? Then the BD vision?? Then apache?? Or first BD, discover, apache, app, etc?

      Please can anyone help on this? Tank you

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          You first start database & lsitener Then use application tier script

          adstrtal.sh (It will call all scripts or use serviceControl to start all services automatically)

          similarly use adstpall.sh (to stop middle tier services)

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            The order should not be a problems, but stop your Application Tier Services frist befor stopping your DB tier services.For starting vice-versa.
            Just curious to know the reason behin writing your custom scripts?

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              Tank you for your reply’s.

              Yes i will use the Oracle scripts to stop and start services.
              But when the Network Administrator shutdown the server, he must shut down some services, and I will include this scripts in the main script. But my dough was what services will stop first.

              The IAS services don’t need to be started?? My IAS service are all stopped and if I start Apache Server Service first, the IAS HTTP Server service don’t start. I must start IAS HTTP Server first, then start apache server. IF not give an error and the service don’t start. But then after the Apache Server will stop by itself.

              And some times the Oracle script doesn’t start the Concurrent Manager Service. I must start it manually.

              My services that are started are:
              Oracle Apache Server
              Oracle Fulfiment Server
              Oracle Metrics Server
              Oracle Metrics Client
              Oracle Reports Server
              Oracle Concrrent Manager
              Oracle Discover Server
              Oracle Forms Server
              Oracle OracleVIS_db920_RDBMSTNSListenerVIS(from the OracleVIS_db920_RDBMSTNS this is the only service that are started, the others are stopped. Is this correct?)
              Oracle OracleVISOra806_2TNSListener80APPS_VIS

              This is all the services that are started.

              But I have a problem in my discover. When I login to the applications as a user, and pick some options (that will open discover) it gives me one error.

              Locator unable to start session altranitsgp.altranit.pt_8000OracleDiscovererSession4. - Hint: An administrator can further diagnose connection problems by running the "checkdiscoverer" script under <ORACLE_HOME>/806/discwb4/util.

              But I have started the Discover Server and tested, and all went ok. The problem is in the applications. I don’t know why.

              Any one can give a hand on these issues?

              Tank in advance.
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                Hi Sam,

                I too have freshly installed on 2003 and since im used to linux where apps and db was started and stopped using scripts, i need to know:
                1.) Is it ok if i keep all the services to start and stop automatically with the server?
                2.) Is there a way to make a script to start/stop the services.
                3.)I tried making a bat file, but some services do not start, maybe the environment does not get set properly, so is it possible/correct to call for envshell.cmd from the scripts and then give start/stop commands?

                Any help will be much appreciated.
                Thanks in advance.
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                  Hi adfarhan

                  What i notice on starting the services by script is that sometimes an order to start a service in a script it to fast until de service itself as not start yet.

                  Example: If you start the DB service it takes a while to start, and the service is still trying to start the service when your script is giving the order to start another script that depends on the DB service. Since the DB service is not started yet, the second service will not start.

                  I correct this including a wait in my script between stating orders.

                  Hope this helps

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                    Ok, but do u call any environment files before giving the start/stop commands or just run the commands in the bat file?
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                      Hi again

                      If you use Oracle scrips to start the services i think you dont need to insert a wait, because the script only ends when the service is started, but if you use in a .bat or .cmd like, "net start <service_name>", then you need to use a wait command.

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                        I am having too many os this errors on my event viewer

                        Faulting application dbsnmp.exe, version, faulting module msvcrt.dll, version 7.0.3790.1830, fault address 0x00031a02.

                        Anyone knows what they are?

                        dbsnmp.exe is from Oracle Home Agent, but i cant see what is doing this error

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                          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
                          You have to source the environment files before starting/stopping the application/db

                          Instead of sourcing the env file each time you want to start/shutdown, just make sure you add it to the .profile file of the application/db owner
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                            im asking about windows, is there a .profile in windows too?
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                              In 11.5.10 you do not explicitly need to set your environment, all oracle application startup/shutdown scripts source the environment file for you look for the 'ORAENV_FILE' in your scripts it will give a more elaborate idea.

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                                hi atual,

                                Do you have any exmples, to start/stop database and applications in multi tier environment. i am trying to write one script where it should stop all apps services and database.

                                Appreciated your help.