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    Starting/Initiating the ** Custom Event **


      We are capturing the Standard Oracle Events into our Custom Queue.
      To Achive this We did the following Steps:
      1. created Queue, Queue table, start the Queue
      2. Created OUT AGENT on top of our custom Queue.
      3. created Subscriber to the standard Event where Action Type is "SEND TO AGENT". -- Agent name the one created in our prior step.

      Now Whenever a Standard Event is raised we are able to Capture those events into Our Custom Queue.

      Next Plan:
      Now We have Created an CUSTOM EVENT and attached Custom Procedure.
      This Procedure dequeues the Standard events reached to our CUSTOM QUEUE and Create a New message and will Enqueues the data into the Same CUSTOM QUEUE/ Different CUSTOM QUEUE.

      But we want to raise this event automatically as soon as some standard events are reached our CUSTOM QUEUE.

      Kindly suggest how can we start this custom Event as soon as the data comes into our CUSTOM QUEUE.

      Thanks in Advance.