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    AQ Adapter CLOB queue Problem

      I am trying to setup the AQ adapter using 10.1.2 but am having difficulties.

      We are using the FTP Adapter to pickup a file, publish event, and that works fine.

      Trying to create an AQ subscribe event, for a CLOB queue, the message is received but when it transforms it and enqueues into the production database it the message is empty.

      Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
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          Create a DataType at the database a refer a CLOB.

          Insert the DTD into the Commom Data Types.

          When you create the Business Object, refer that datatype aand insert inside the DTD that you already have at the Common Data Types.

          Then make the map has you want to...

          And you can see that it's working!...

          I work with interconnect for a long time (since the first version - OAI). At least until version 9.0.4, The interconnect can not handle files larger than a size and this is the only way that I discovered to do that.

          Hope it helps