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    Migrate to a New Host

      Hi everybody.

      Some time ago I was told there was no way to port a single-box OCS 10.1.2 to a new host. Is this true?

      What if I need to upgrade my servers? Is there any documentation about this issue?

      Thanks in advance.

      Carlos Inglez
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          Migration to a new host is supported only if the new host is identical to the old (os, network configuration, etc.)

          Try to look at



          You can find some useful informations.

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            Well, I cannot make it work. I've set a new host, same name, same ip address, same users, same file structure. I copied Infra and app Oracle Homes, as well the datafiles.

            The database starts ok, as does the listener.

            But opmnctl startall on Infra home hangs for a while and then gives an OID dependency check failure.

            Anyone knows what can be wrong? Shouldn't a copy of all structures to a new host work? I'm using Enterprise Linux.

            Thanks in advance
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              Is it possible to create a new installation on another host, anf the use Migration Assistant to import mail, directory and calendar from the old one? Has anyone tryied this?