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    Refreshing BAM Report

      Hi all

      I wanted to know does bam report in active viewer updates the real time data. I mean to say if i update my table does it refresh report automatically , if so how long does it take to refresh the data in active viewer.

      I updated one row in my table by making status = open but it's not showing the updated data in Architect even after many refresh.
      kindly revert back .

      It's not refreshing data in report also ....is there any settings which needs to be done?

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          This depends completely on how - you are propogating the change from your table to BAM. If you are using 'external data' design in BAM- change is not 'automatically' propogated till you press 'refresh' on report. You should use alternate design like AQ/Trigger to get your table changes into BAM (see technote/ samples). If you have already designed this propogation - then you have to go thro debug steps to see why the change is not sent to BAM. Once data is inside BAM ADC- then it will refresh display automatically. [no wait, no polling, no timers]
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            Just to emphasize what Sanjeev said...

            External Data Objects are a specific feature in BAM for treating external data as a virtual, non-real-time table in BAM. For example, for historical data or slowly changing dimensions that are preferrable to maintain and access from outside of BAM.

            For real-time data, do not use External Data Objects. Real-time data gets fed into BAM's Active Data Cache, typically as messages, and is automatically pushed out to your dashboards processed by BAM's event driven architecture.

            Regards, Stephen
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              hi ,

              As per sanjeev said i tried creating AQ/Trigger but in design studio lots of errors it gives when i drag n drop a tool into workspace.errors are in diff way like
              " Ticks error". etc.. How to resolve that ticks error.?

              I was trying one more exmpl from technotes http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/integration/bam/10.1.3/TechNotes/TechNote_BAM_RatioOfTwoAggregations.pdf , wherein i'm trying to add the field date_as_string and also adding calculated formula , but it's giving error saying --undefined"_date".-- . Kindly revert for this.

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                From the BAM Release Notes:

                .NET Framework 2.0 Causes Error When Running Enterprise Link Plans
                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                Various errors including "Unhandled Exception:
                System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Ticks must be between
                DateTime.MinValue.Ticks and DateTime.MaxValue.Ticks. Parameter name: ticks" can occur when .NET 2.0 is installed on an Oracle Business Activity Monitoring host. This is a known Microsoft issue and requires a Microsoft hotfix. Documentation on this issue is available at the following URL:

                Alternatively you can uninstall .NET 2.0 as a work around.

                Regards, Stephen
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                  I have a similar problem. I am not using external data sources. All my data resides in ADC. My Dashboard automatically refreshes as long as it has a single View. But if I have multiple Views in the Dashboard, each based on a different Data Object, then only one of the views gets automatically refreshed and the rest of them remain static. How do I get live updates for all the views in the Dashboard? I observed that, irrespective of the number of views in the Dashboard, only one Live Data Feed window appears when I open the Dashboard. Could this be the problem? I tried figuring out, but ended up with little success. As far as I see, there appears to be no way for the user to control Live Data Feeds. Do I need to do any special configuration to receive live updates for multiple views simultaneously?
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                    This is further to my post above. I made the following observation:

                    I tried opening two different BAM Reports (which are essentially based on two disparate Data Objects) on separate Browser Windows. I observed that only one Live Data Feed window appeared to serve both the Reports. Further, I found that, while one of the Reports gets automatically updated instantaneously for all insertions and updations in the underlying Data Object, the other Report reflects only the insertions. This second Report is not getting altered if I update existing data in it's underlying Data objects. It shows changes only if new records are added to the Data object. This second Report requires a manual refresh for it to reflect the contents of it's underlying Data Object.

                    Is this a limitation/bug in BAM? Or Am I missing out on some essential step?
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                      There are some view types which show restricted active data set.
                      The report that shows only insertions, is the view in that report of type Streaming list.
                      If that's the case then its expected.
                      Similarly Updating list shows only updates and Updating Ordered List shows all (inserts, updates, deletes)

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                        Hi rpoliset,

                        That was exactly the problem. Thank you very much for enlightening me about the differences in various view types that look almost the same. The problem got solved. Thank you once again.

                        Warm Regards,
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                          I have created a BPEL process to populate the BAM data object.But the new set of data is not getting reflected in BAM dashborad.I have to click on repormpt button/refresh the screen manually to see the new changes.Could some help me to resolve this issue.

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                            I do face the same issue. Live data is not getting updated in the BAM report.

                            My scenario: BPEL generates sensors for the response message variabe and data is inserted into JMS Topic.
                            Created an Enterprise Message Source to poll the data fromo JMS Topic.
                            In design studio -> configured Oracle BAM Enterprise Message Reciever to revceive data from Enterprise message source and send the data to BAM using Oracle BAM Insert Sink.

                            As mentioned in one of the post, updated below changes in Plan Setting in BAM administrator for the report.

                            Completion Action: Always restart on completion.
                            Failiure Action: Alway restart on failiore.
                            Max restart frequency: No limit on frequency.
                            Monitor Service: Oracle BAM Plan Monitor.

                            Did I missed any configuration to be made for the reports to get updated.
                            Please someone throw some light on this.