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    XML Publisher

      We are on 11.5.10 and some of our users has expressed some interest in exploring the XML Publisher tool. I have never used this tool and I would appreciate your help in telling me what steps I should follow to have this product up and running in one of our test environments. Any rollout patch/set up steps I should be aware of? Thank you for your input.
      I am a functional person by the way.

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          The documentation for XML Publisher says that it is installed with 11.5.10 out of the box. In order to start with XML Publisher you can see Tim's blog and he has also pointed out the documentation.
          the link is http://blogs.oracle.com/xmlpublisher/2006/10/25#a113

          In apps look for XML Publisher administrator responsibility and add it to your user id and follow documentation.

          hope this will help
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            let me know whether your problem is solved.
            otherwise let me know the following details and i will get back to you
            1. which company you are calling from
            2. your contact details
            3. what exactly is the problem that your team is facting

            i could arrange for a demo once i have the above info



            1 800 633 0930 xx 87589
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              My contact is draissam@gmail.com, and i am working for FDS Inc. USA
              We would like to start exploring XML publisher and see what it could do for us mainly in terms of report publishing, and building some templates for AP. I need to get it installed so that I can play with it. I am, however, not sure from where I should start. Seemingly, XML comes with 11.5.10 so I need to know what responsibility to ask for, and whether or not there are any configuration steps I should consider (i.e. profile options,...etc).
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                It's quite simple :
                First thing first, you need to download XML Publisher desktop that will create an add-on to your Ms-Word this is the patch location for 5.6.2 (provided you have metalink acc) : http://updates.oracle.com/download/5027437.html
                Secondly You need to assign XML Publisher Administrator to your username.
                This is a brief step on how to do it :
                For example you want to test one report.
                1.Go to Concurrent - Program, change the output to XML.
                2.Run the report one time to create XML file
                3. Download the XML file and use it to create the rtf template using XML Publisher Desktop
                4. Go to XML Publisher Admin resp, choose data definition, and register the data definition for that report.
                5. Click template, and register and upload the template you just created.
                6. Run the report again, now you can see in option there's an option to change the template, and you can view the report in PDF.
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                  Thanks for your input. I guess that's what I wanted to know. For some reason I was under the impression that more work needs to be done at the back end level.
                  I have already downloaded the MS Word add in. As soon as I get the XML Admin responsibility, I will start playing with the tool. Thanks again!