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    Application Default startup page

      Hi Everyone

      How do I change my application default page to the one I want…
      E.g. I want page 8 to be my startup page not page 101…

      Thank You
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          Go to the Edit Attributes page for the application.

          Under Security (v2.2) or Session Management (v1.6), there's a "Home Link" setting. This should contain something like:


          Change this to:



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            People mean various things when they say "default start page" or words like that. Here's what happens. If the application requires authentication and you request any non-public page, you go to the login page (which may be external, like SSO). After login, you go back to the page you first requested (the deep link is remembered). If you request the application and do not specify the page number in the URL, you go to the login page, if authentication is required, and then to the page specified in the login process on the login page in the block:
                  P_UNAME       => :P101_USERNAME,
                  P_PASSWORD    => :P101_PASSWORD,
                  P_SESSION_ID  => v('APP_SESSION'),
                  P_FLOW_PAGE   => :APP_ID||':2'
            The ':2' in the above example specifies to go to page 2 in the current application after login if no deep link is remembered. If authentication is not required and you specify no page in the URL, you go to the Home Link that Andy described. If you click the Run Application icon in the builder, the same thing happens, whether or not you have to authenticate first.

            Hope that clears things up.

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              Scott: That is a great explanation, wonder why such clarity is absent from the published documentation!

              Thanks again.
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                Dietmar Aust
                There is even one more place to change.
                In total you have to change the reference in three places:

                1) change login process on page 101
                P_FLOW_PAGE => :APP_ID||:'8'

                2) you would also have to change the logout url in the authentication scheme.

                3) Change the Home Link application attribute:
                Application > Application Attributes > Edit Security Attributes
                Change the home link to

                Then best close your browser and try again.

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                  I have change this places but yet going to the same page. Page 1. Some other idea?
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                    gspoli - Please describe exactly what you do from the time you open your browser until you end up on the "wrong" page. Also what type of authentication does your application use?

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                      Dietmar Aust
                      Hi gspoli,

                      also when I look at your first post:
                      E.g. I want page 8 to be my startup page not page 101…
                      This confuses me a bit. 101 is never the startup page but called implicitly when you want to call a protected page. Perhaps you only need to make your page 1 public.

                      Please tell us a bit about your use case scenario, just as Scott suggested.

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                        Denes Kubicek
                        You should past the link you use to open your application.

                        If the link is like this:


                        then after login, you will open the page 1.

                        If the link is like this:




                        then you should be forwarded to whatever page you specified in

                        P_FLOW_PAGE => :APP_ID||':8'

                        means page 8.

                        Denes Kubicek
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                          I've also been having trouble with startup pages in Application Express.

                          My application has just one page that requires authentication and the rest of the pages are public. When I try and start the application using a link from IE such as:


                          then I'm redirected to the login page, which is not what I want as my startup page is public.

                          However, if I'm using the web based application developer and run the application (by pressing the traffic light icon), it correctly takes me to my startup page without requiring any login.

                          Can anybody shed any light on what is going here?
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                            What is the Home Link URL?

                            What is your version?

                            What type of authentication do you use?

                            Which page requires authentication?

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                              I am encounterring a strange situation with my application default page (page 5) that the user is taken to after a successful login. First of all, the values/IDs for the default page in my app is set as follows:

                              login process on page 101...
                              P_FLOW_PAGE => :APP_ID||:'5'

                              Home Link ...


                              When the user opens the login page for the first time in the browser and logs on, he is successfully taken to page 5 (default page). However, 2 things happen...

                              1. When he logs out, he is successfully taken back to the login page BUT his username still shows in the USERNAME field. I want the USERNAME and the PASSWORD fields on the Login page to be blank at this poing. What am I doing wrong here?

                              2. He does not close the browser at this point BUT instead, he logs right back in successfully at this said Login page BUT is now taken to a DIFFERENT default page (page 7) instead of page 5. What am I doing wrong here?

                              Therefore, it seems that a successful logon flows to the correct default page when the user logs in for the first time using a fresh Browser, but when he logs out and DOES NOT close the browser window before logging back in for a second or multiple times, he encounters a different default page.

                              Anyone with any suggestions? I will very much appreciate it.


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                                Dimitri Gielis
                                Hi Ric,

                                1) In your login page have a look at the item level of username and password (source used: always, replacing...) and in page process of the page rendering section (you'll probably have Get username cookie which sets the username if the system knows it).
                                2) You should have a look at your logout url in your current Authentication Scheme. (all the way down) Change your page to your default page 5.

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                                  But what about when I have a different authentication scheme? We have a centralized login system, and so I check the cookie from the login to get the username, and check to see if it exists in the user table in my database. If it does, I return true. Otherwise I return false. The session not valid page is set to be page 102.

                                  In my authentication scheme the page sentry function returns this boolean value. The other fields are blank, except session not valid page, which is 102.

                                  The problem is that when I log in, no matter if the authentication is successful or not, I'm taken to page 102. The start page of the application should be 16.

                                  What can I do to make it go to page 16 after authenticating?

                                  The home link and the login page in the application attributes are both set to page 16.
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                                    Dimitri Gielis
                                    Have a look here: http://dgielis.blogspot.com/2007/05/change-default-first-page-in-apex.html

                                    Hope that helps,
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