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    ErrorCodes.ini and the logs

      I have chosen to ignore some errors by putting the error codes in ErrorCodes.ini.

      When the error occurs the the following ends up in the log:

      java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20002: xxxxx
      Wed Dec 13 07:40:20 CET 2006: Agent: Dropping the message since the error code [20002] is in the list of error codes to be ignored: [20000, 20001, 20002].

      Is the any way to avoid this ending up in the log?

      It is because of an automatic error reporting system that triggers on the errors in the logs. But this should not be considered an error.

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          This is an automatic error message system generate - basically, during run time the hub processes use the metadata to govern how the message is to be a) Applied transformation rules and (b) how the message is to be deliver to any subscribing Application(s) mapped to CV to receive the Published Message.

          it is during this process that any error encounter is logged and a quick lookup in the ErrorCodes.ini file to verify that the error code exsist and if it does then the message is dropped from the hub queue else the message stays on the Hub queue and will keep on retrying to process or deliver the message until the Hub is either bounced or IgnoreError is run.

          In a nutshell I don't think there is any round avoiding the this sort of error message in the log file.

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            One way to stop the error message being displayed in the Log is to include an exception handler in your subscribing code..

            Set a Pragma Exception for 20002

            Catch this exception in your pl/sql but don't re-raise the error.

            Then the Adapter will think that it has delivered the message successfully but the subscribing code has effectively ignored it through exception handling...

            Hey Presto!! no error message in your log file.