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    Running replicate seed data

      This is our situation
      - We've 1 set of books with many subsidiaries.

      What I'm trying to do
      - Go to Sys Admin Responsibility
      - Concurrent>
      Submit a new request>
      Single request>
      Request name>Replicate seed data>Operating Unit

      My question
      - When do we need to run it?
      - Do we need to run it?
        • 1. Re: Running replicate seed data
          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          When you create a new operating unit, you need to run the Replicate Seed
          Data concurrent program. This program creates certain required data in
          Receivables setup tables for the new operating unit.

          Sometimes when you get FRM-40735 error, you have to run this request.

          Please check Oracle Receivables User Guide Release 11i for more details
          • 2. Re: Running replicate seed data
            Have run the Replicate Seed Data. How ever still have error FRM-40735. If I have created a operating unit and done manual input of seed data, can I still run replicate seed data on the OU?

            May have missed some steps in the creation of the new Operating Unit. Can you please give Responsibility used and the step by step process of creating a new OU (by showing the navigation path of each step). Thanks.