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    Database creation with ASM: Out of Memory Error.


      So I'm running DBCA, choose my ASM configuration, the first thing that sticks out to me is that the password I enter fails, but it still allows me to choose the ASM container. Go forward, choose my options, hit finish, and right out of the gate in the "Creating and Starting Oracle Instance" phase, I get an:

      ORA-27102: out of memory

      There are no other instances on this RHEL 4 installation. There's 32GB of Memory. Any ideas??

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          I would make sure you set all the Kernel parameters correctly in the install guide.

          So ASM is already running and you are creating the DB or you are trying to create an ASM instance?

          Also found this on Metalink:

          Applies to:
          Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version:
          SUSE \ UnitedLinux x86-64
          Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server x86-64 (AMD Opetron Architecture)
          Linux x86-64

          When trying to increase the SGA to approach half available RAM with an Oracle 64bit version on a Linux 64bit operating system, even though shmmax is set to match half the amount of RAM, you get the following error when trying to start the instance:

          SQL> startup nomount
          ORA-27102: out of memory
          Linux-x86_64 Error: 28: No space left on device

          shmall is set to default at 2097152
          shmall is number of pages of shared memory to be made available system-wide.

          Set shmall equal to shmmax divided by the page size.
          FYI: The page size can be seen using the following command:
          $ getconf PAGE_SIZE
          ORA-27102 out of memory
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            Thanks for this! The ASM is already setup and configured properly I believe. This is while creating the database to point to this ASM. The Metalink article you point to appears to be similar to what I have, save for it's occurring AFTER a database is already created and not before.

            I'll give it a try though.
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              Ok, got past the Out Of Memory error, but now I'm STILL having an issue. Please know that I've limited (read: no) experience with ASM so I may became a giant pain to some of you. Sorry in advance.

              Running DBCA, getting the Creating and starting Oracle Instance portion of the Database create process, and I get a pop-up that reads:

              ORA-01501: CREATE DATABASE failed
              ORA-00301: error in adding log file '+SOAQAASM' - file cannot be created
              ORA-17502: ksfdcre: 4 Failed to create file +SOAQAASM
              ORA-15041: diskgroup space exhausted.

              Before I created the ASM I had 50GB of free space, I just check it? Only 12GB free?!?!

              What did I do wrong.. :(
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                Chris Slattery
                This is not a mysterious error, just ASM is out of space on that diskgroup

                However, you are mixing up things. ASM takes all the space it is assigned. Once that is done, to ascertain the freespace in ASM log on to ASM instance and look at v$asm_diskgroup
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                  Also make sure the disks you supply to ASM are the same size within a disk group. For example.

                  If you have a lun from your SAN that is 128 gig and you have 2 luns in Disk Group 1 for 256 GB. Then you add a 64 GB Disk, you will lose 128 gig.


                  2 128 GB Disks


                  When you add the 64 GB Disk to Disk Group 1 or whatever Group you are using

                  This is what happens as Oracle load balances.


                  Oracle in essence marks the rest of those disks as useless.

                  Make sure you aren't doing something like this because one of our groups did and wondered "Where's my disk space?"