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    OWL in 10g

      If I want to store OWL in 10g, what is the best way to do this?
      Oracle supplies rulebases for RDFS and RDF. Is there available a rulebase for OWL?
      Should I create my own rulebase for OWL?

      Are anyone using OWL in Oracle 10g, or does this not scale (it looks as if loading/changing the OWL data is a problem)?
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          There is no inferencing support for OWL in 10g. One possibility is to create your own rulebase (like you suggest), add add rules to that rulebase that represent the OWL vocabulary you need.

          (You can store and query (graph pattern based queries) OWL in 10g, but the usefulness without the inferencing might be limited).

          We plan to support a part of OWL in the next major database release. That is in beta right now. Let us know if you would be interested in signing up for the beta program by writing to me at <melliyal> <dot> <annamalai> <at> oracle <dot> com

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            This paper might help


            Shows how to convert some of OWL to rules.