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    404 error when SSWA jsp tries to access a servlet

      I hope somebody could help me out in this.
      I am using Orace Self-sevice web application (SSWA) jsp function to link to a jsp page from oracle apps 11i. I placed the jsp in /u007/oradata/applmgr/bisdevcomn/html/housing/ directory. I need to call a servlet from this jsp page. I have uploaded the servlet class in /u007/oradata/applmgr/bisdevcomn/java directory. I do not know where to place the web.xml file and so I have'nt placed it anywhere.

      I have not developed this jsp and servlet using jdeveloper nor have I used OAF.

      I receive a 404 error when my jsp calls the servlet, as the 9iAS is not able to find the servlet.

      Can anybody please help me out?