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    Oracle Light Simulator Tutorial Not working


      I have installed Oracle AS 10g and Oracle SES without SDR.THere is a tutorial to create light Simulator .But for this I do nto have an option of "Event Dispatcher" in the SES Console.

      Cnn someone help me in getting this right

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          Sorry but I'm not sure I understand the question.

          If you are looking for the Event Flow Dispatcher, that is now part of the core and not a dispatcher extension anymore.

          To use it, all you have to do is setup the eflow.xml in the config directory, and next time when the system starts it will load it.

          If I misunderstood you, please repost your questions - Thx -- Sam
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            Hi Gayathri,

            Which Tutorial did you use?
            From the tutorial page or from sample code?

            Anyway if you are using the latest SES version you don't need to select the Dispatcher anymore. but all the other steps are exactly the same. So just ignore this step and follow the rest of the tutorial.