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    Default-jdk(1.5.x) to 1.4.x in Oracle 10g App Server

      I have installed OAS on my workstation. Here are the details.<br>
      Server : Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 <br>
      Version : SOA4<br>
      Build : 061008.0900.00025<br>
      Platform : Windows SP<br>
      I start Oracle App Server with opmnctl startall command.<br>
      OAS comes with a default jdk which is Sun-jdk 1.5.0_06-b05. I wanted to change the jdk to 1.4.x.<br>
      Oracle 10g documentation says we can modify the compiler from default jdk to any other jdk. <br>
      But then when I tried the options given and changed the jdk to Sun-jdk 1.4.2_02-b03, it did not show the group to which the oc4j instance is associated, neither the system properties nor the JMX Beans, etc. In fact, it did not show any of the groups of my App-Server.<br>
      Here is what I did :<br>
      1. I added <data id="java-bin" value="c:/j2sdk1.4.2_02/bin/java"/> tag in <category id="start-parameters"> in opmn.xml.<br>
      2. I also removed <java-compiler> tag in server.xml.<br>
      3. I deleted the ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home/application-deployments directory.<br>
      When I restart the Oracle 10g Application Server, <java-compiler> tag gets added properly in server.xml with extdirs as that of j2sdk1.4.2_02.<br>
      And also I was able to run the application and I was even able to see in the logs that it loads only 1.4.x jars and not the default jdk's jars.<br>
      Is there someway to set jdk to 1.4.x and also get the default group and other information properly.<br>
      Prashanth Babu.
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          Hi Prashanth,
          Have you checked here in the Configuration and Admin Guide for 10.1.3.


          Bear in mind that there are features under JDK 1.4.2 that are not supported because they have requirements around JDK 1.5 - most specifically EJB 3.0 and JSR 181 Web services. Also bear in mind that the SOA Suite ships out of the box with JDK 1.5/5.0 as the default JDK as well and not all of its componentry will be supported on JDK 1.4.2 though that you could get more details sending email to integration_ww@oracle.com mailing list can give more details on that specific issue (the core app server will continue to be supported on JDK 1.4.2).