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    New personal Project


      I'm a beginner, and I have few knowledge about the technology, by I'm plannig on building some sort of semantic web application for my final assigment at
      the university.
      Could you tell me where I could find some sort of documentation or tutorial that I coult follow, in order to have a better and more concrete
      idea of what it takes to built the web application? Because all I found was very general.. and nothing specific.

      Any tips and ideas are absolutely welcome!! =D


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          With respect to using Oracle Semantic Technologies, at the bottom of the Oracle Semantic Technologies page (at http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/semantic_technologies/index.html ), under 'Technical Information', is a link to the documentation. Sections 1.7 and 1.8 are a quick start guide. We do not yet have a tutorial based on a real life use case, but plan to make one available as more applications built by users go into production.

          In the Life Science domain several users have written papers about their usage of Oracle semantic technologies in their applications. Some of the papers are available at: http://www.olsug.org/wiki/index.php?title=Semantic_Web

          There are several resources on the web that give examples of how an application can benefit from using semantic technologies in general.

          Oracle Semantic Technologies Group
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            Thank you very much for your help!..

            I've been reading a couple of papers... And I still have the same question in mind.

            With Oracle RDF Data model, we are able to load data in NTriple format... ok. My question is: how do you connect this tables with a web page? I mean, how does the RDF Data Model contribute to the development of the Semantic Web? All the papers describes how we are able to query this tables, but I can't understand how could I built a web page using this functionality?
            I hope I'm making any sense... It's a complex Technology, and it's even more difficult to ask questions in English.. =D

            Thanks again!

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              Your question definitely makes sense. The way to look at this is as follows - as you have understood, the Oracle RDF data model functionality is about using database tables to store, manage and query RDF data. To connect these tables to a web application you would have to look at how this is done in Oracle in general. Since the tables and objects in the Oracle RDF data model are like any other tables and objects in the database, the same technologies that are used to make standard relational data accessible to a web application can be used to build web applications based on RDF data.

              If you search for 'web applications' on the Oracle Technology Network you will get a few hits which might help. For example, HTML DB is one feature for quickly building web based applications. Oracle JDeveloper 10g is often used for building web applications. On the Oracle Technology Network you will find several tutorials and papers on building such applications, and the same methodologies can be applied to RDF data stored in Oracle. (note that there might be limitations with some methodologies with respect to features such as objects and table functions that are part of the Oracle RDF data model, but you should be able to find a methodology that works for you).

              If you could post your experiences on this forum that would be very useful for other users who want to build similar applications.


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