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    Business Case - help


      We have a client who wants to use PO for Hotel reservation, where the PO booking a number of nights full inclusive.

      Now when the invoice comes it will include the Food, beverage...etc. which is not predictable ahead at the PO preparation time.

      How such business case can be satisfied in Oracle Purchasing? What happens to Matching? (4-way matching).

      Firas Al Tamimi
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          Check this note at the time of PO make the entries of food ,beverage with some notional rate by making them as inventory items and at the time of matching make price correction on the ap invoices

          see the following note:-

          How To Correct Unit Price In Received Po
          Doc ID: Note:266335.1 Type: PROBLEM
          Last Revision Date: 06-OCT-2004 Status: PUBLISHED

          The information in this article applies to:
          Oracle Purchasing - Version: 11.5.8
          This problem can occur on any platform.

          You received against a purchase order with serialized items and the
          purchase order unit price is wrong. You want to know how to correct the
          purchase order unit price after it has been received.
          Fully received against a PO and has noticed an incorrect price on
          one of the line items on the PO
          To implement the solution, please execute the following steps. There are several suggestions
          within the functionality of the application that can be used to correct the PO line price:

          1. Simple price correction can be made in AP while invoicing against the PO. Select
          Price Correction while in the Invoicing form when matching to the PO.

          Accounts Payables listed the process to create the Price Correction as:
          1) Create an Debit memo or Credit Memo Invoice for the
          appropriate Supplier for debit amount to reduce the previous
          matched quantity
          2) Click the [Match] Button.
          3) In the Invoice Match Find window enter the Invoice
          number (standard) and/or the Po number in the appropriate
          fields and click the [Find] button.
          Both can be used because it is possible that only one or
          the other number is available.
          4) In the Match to Invoice window
          a) check the far left box that has no heading.
          b) Enter the debit amount in the Credit Amount field
          c) Click the [Distribute] Button
          5) In the Match to Invoice Distribution window
          a) check the far left box that has no heading.
          b) check the Price Correction check box (Note that Credit
          Quantity is grayed out)
          c) Enter the debit amount in the Credit Amount.
          d) Click the Final match box if required.
          e) Click OK.
          6) Back in the Match to Invoice window, click the [Match] button.

          This issue is typically handled in AP with a price correction made when invoicing.
          This is the recommended functionality and is what most customers do to handle price corrections
          or variances between the PO and invoices.


          2. Make a receiving correction of the receiving quantity and correct the receipts to 0 quantity. The problem is that these are serialized items and this particular solution may become awkward in handling the serialized items, but it is supposed to handle the serialized items. When
          the correction is complete, Correct the price on the PO and re-receive it.