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    Register AQ Adapter at Oracle EM


      First of all. Happy new year to everyone.

      I have create an AQ Adapter making a copy of one that already exists using the command «copyAdapter.bat».

      But using this features I can not see the Adapter at the Oracle EM. How can make that this new adapter or any other one that I create, appears at the Oracle EM?

      Thanks in advanced,
      António Trindade
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          Adapters installed with copyadapter scripts cannot be monitored through EM.
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            The best way is to remove the adapter and to use the Oracle Installer to install a new adapter. That way the Adapter will be present in EM :-)

            Good luck.
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              You can actually monitor adapters created with copyadapter using EM (If you are on at least), but you need to manually edit the $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml. Towards the end of this file you will find some entries which look like

              you need to copy and paste one and replace the attributes id = name of adapter
              working-dir= adapter directory in the process-type element and id in the process-set element.

              Stop and restart AS using opmnctl and magically the adapters will appear.

                                  <process-type id="myFTPApp" module-id="adapter" working-dir="$ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/adapters/myFTPApp" status="enabled">
                                       <start timeout="600" retry="2"/>
                                       <stop timeout="120"/>
                                       <port id="icadapter_dmsport_range" range="15701-15800"/>
                                       <process-set id="myFTPApp" restart-on-death="true" numprocs="1">
                                                 <category id="start-parameters">
                                                      <data id="java-parameters" value="-Xms8M"/>
                                                      <data id="class-name" value="oracle.oai.agent.service.AgentService"/>
                                                 <category id="stop-parameters">
                                                      <data id="java-parameters" value="-mx64m"/>
                                                      <data id="class-name" value="oracle.oai.agent.proxy.ShutdownAgent"/>
                                                      <data id="application-parameters" value="persistence/Agent.ior"/>