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    OO4O in NET framework

      As there is no immediate plan to make object-relational features in ODP.NET, does Oralce plan to release any bridge to make OO4O accessible from .NET framework?
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          You can already use OO4O in .NET through COM Interop. Right click on References/Add References.
          Then choose the COM tab and select the Oracle InProc Server.
          There you go!

          You noticed that all classes have been prefixed with "Class". So the session object is now called "OraSessionClassClass".
          For some reasons, almost all functions in OO4O returns objects. So, if you're in C# or in VB.NET with the strict option on, you'll have some type casting to do.

          But if you need Oracle advanced features, please try ODP.NET. From the tests I ran here, it's at least twice faster than OO4O.

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            Indeed ODP is much easier for developing with .net.
            The typecasting needed to be done for OO4O is very annoying (especially because the documentation is not comprehensive and one should guess what types are expected or returned in any function or property).
            Do you know about better documentation for OO4O?

            Can ODP substitute OO4O?
            What about objects access (I have a special interest in SDO objects)?