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    Can not receive emails from any accounts rather than Rogers(my ISP)

      Hi all,

      I have OCS10g installed on RHEL_AS4. Currently I got problem to receive and send emails both inbound and outbound.

      When I send e-mail by either Oracle Web Access Client or Oracle Mail. It went smooth through the sending page. Unfortunately I can not get the e-mails neither from inbound or outbound domains, except mymail@rogers.com. Rogers is my current ISP and I am using the TZO dynamicIP service for the OCS server.

      The configuration for smtp_inbound_server are as following. Has anyone known the solution of my problem?



      Mail Collaboration Suite Database:
      Message Intertion Mode: RoundRobin
      Selected Collaboration Suite Database: orcl.myocsdomain.com

      Delivery Collaboration Suite Database:
      Selected Collaboration Suite Database: orcl.myocsdomain.com

      LDAP Connection Pool Parameters:
      Minimum: 2
      Maximum: 20
      LDAP Time Lag: 500

      LDAP Connection Retry Parameters
      Max Con. Retry Int.: 100000
      Recon. Timeout: 1
      Max. Retry Count: 100

      Threas Parameters
      Timeout: 1860
      Increment: 1
      Min.: 1
      Max.: 500

      DSN Parameters
      Postmaster DSNs: all
      Temp. DSN Int.: 24
      Include Complete Error Message in DSN: True

      Rules and Routing Control Parameters
      Routing Control: Enabled
      Spam Flood Int.: 10
      Spam Max. Flood Count: 10000
      Max # of Receipients Allowed in an Envelop: 100
      Env. and Mess Header Checking: Disable Checks
      Reject Mess. with Diff Auth ID and sender: Do not check
      Enforce Reverse DNS lookup on Client IP: False
      DNS check on Helo/Ehlo domain: False
      DNS Check on Sender Domain: False
      Relay Allowed: False
      Trusted Relay Domain: mail.myocsdomain.com
      External Filter: False
      Trusted Domains:
      Trusted Sender Domains:
      Trusted Senders:

      General Parameters
      Local Domains: mail.myocsdomain.com
      Archive Processing: Disabled
      Presentation Name : ESSMI
      Max. Size of Shell: 1000000
      Max. # of Headers Allowed in a message: 1000
      Max. # of Clients: 1000
      Port: 25
      Checkpoint Int.: 20
      Max. Hop Count: 25
      Max. Message Size: 0
      Message Timeout: 30
      SMTP Queue Timeout: 5 days
      Use Error-To Header to specify the mail addr. for DSN's: true
      Authentication: None
      Submit Only: False
      Process IMIP Messages: False
      SASL Protection: Confidentially
      SASL Authentication Disabled
      Support STARTTLS Command: False
      Allow Clear Tect Logn: True
      Default Domain: mail.myocsdomain.com
      Add Domain to email addr. wit missing domain in envelop: False
      Protocol Banner: server ready. Unauthorized Access...
      Process Log Level: Warning
      Max. Log Size: 5M
      Max. # of Log Files: 10