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    Application Performance

      We are a 11.5.10 shop. We have been running the E-Business Suite since March, 2004. On Monday, January 8, 2007, we went live with the Internet Procurement module. Since then, we have been experiencing severe performance problems. The problem is not just contained in the Internet Procurement module. Has anyone experienced any performance issues once Internet Procurement was implemented? If so, what steps did you take to correct the issue?
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          Please be precise with your problem areas in iProc.

          I have implemented iProc 11.5.10 for my client, and we have seen no performance issues.
          If anything, PPR functionality makes the data-entry much quicker in 11.5.10 iProc.
          We have thousands of users live with iProc, with not a single performance issue.

          1. Which areas are you facing problems
          2. Are those performance issues related to mid-tier or DB
          3. Have you been purging the WF tables?
          4. have you applied all patches applicable on iProc, as we did see issues with connection object leaks. Do you see pages rendering fully or partially?

          anil passi
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            The problems are appearing in all modules of the E-Business Suite. Looking at our performance monitors, it appears that the Database server is experiencing the issue. We are seeing some performance statistics that would point to issues with the caching of the application.
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              Please ensure that the diagnostics are not turned on in your env. Also, if you outline as to what performance glitch you are experiencing, it would help us help you. :)
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                which DB version you are running on?

                Are you on 10g?
                If so, how many bits, 64bits?

                Are you seeing massive paging or I/Os ?
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                  have you run the Synchronize wf local table concurrent request job. or is it scheduled to run at least nightly?