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    Tasks - Workspace & personal


      I'm wondering if there is a posible to connect / link workspace tasks that applies to a user to be shown also in personal task (calendar component) as default?

      If I assign an employee to a certain task it's shown only in workspace task list for a user but not in his calendar (personal) task view.

      Thank you.
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          I have the same problem. According to me, this functionality is pretty stupid.

          Anyway I found following answer on Oracle Workspaces (Web Client)
          Troubleshooting and FAQs


          FAQ ID: 010001
          Updated: 2005-07-15
          Version: 10.1.1
          Browser: ALL

          Do workspace tasks appear in a user's personal Oracle Calendar tasks?

          Tasks in a workspace are considered workspace tasks and are owned by the workspace. They are meant to be managed within the context of a workspace, and as such, they do not appear in a user’s personal Oracle Calendar tasks.
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            Hehehe, funny.

            No matter if owner by workspace or not, at least what should be posible
            is that in personal tasks should be a link to task if opened in any workspace.

            How can we organize our work on many projects, should i check every active project / workspace in the morning to check if i have anything new to work on?

            Lets hope some found a solution.
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              Mufe, would you mind to contact me on my email sunbar@seznam.cz to discuss problems with OCS. Thanks.
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                Have you found a solution to that problem ?
                Do you know if Oracle is going to do something about it?