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    HTMLDB_MAIL package

      hi all,

      I would like to use the HTMLDB_MAIL package for sending e-mails from my HTMLDB applications. I saw somewhere that a these are the prerequisites for using this package:


      You will need the HTML-DB application, Oracle 10g database, and you must enable the utl_smtp software. You install the utl_smtp package and Oracle Jserver by running the following DBA scripts as SYSDBA (SYS user):

      SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/javavm/install/initjvm.sql
      SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/initplsj.sql

      Are these Prerequisites are correct? especially , do have to work with Oracle 10g, or can I work also with Oracle 9.x.x.x?

      Also, do I need to run those DBA scripts, or they are ran by default as part of the installation?

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          Have a look at the package specification of htmldb_mail.
          -- Parameters p_smtp_hostname and p_smtp_portno remain for backward
          -- compatibility. But they are ignored. The SMTP host name and
          -- parameter are exclusively derived from system preferences
          -- when sending mail.
          procedure push_queue( p_smtp_hostname in varchar2 default null,
          p_smtp_portno in varchar2 default null );

          You can check the setting of system preferences by executing the following queries:

          SELECT #OWNER#.wwv_flow_platform.get_preference('SMTP_HOST_ADDRESS') FROM dual;

          FROM dual;

          Replace #OWNER# by the FLOWS schema i.e. FLOWS_020100.

          I suggest do not install the scripts, but try to send email with your current configuration.

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            Thanks, I'll check this.
            Do you know if the package can work on Oracle 9 versions or if it requiers Oracle 10?
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              Application Express is compatible with 9.2 and above.

              You will find this statement on the Application Express homepage. </BR></BR>


              P.S. Perhaps you do not need to configure utl_smtp, see this blog for details.