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    ANSI SQL vs Oracle SQL

    Chet Justice
      I recently heard that Oracle was now promoting (and when I say "Oracle" I have no idea what context the person was speaking. Perhaps they meant Oracle Developers or something.) the ANSI SQL Standard as the way to write queries. I read many of the Oracle-related blogs, Oracle Magazine, etc and I have not run across any such mention. A google search doesn't return a whole lot and neither does a search of the forums.

      Perhaps I am not searching on the right keywords...


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          Check this link

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            Chet Justice
            Sorry, perhaps I was not clear. I know what ANSI SQL is, what I don't know is whether or not "Oracle" is promoting this as a new best practice.

            I have read nothing related to this, and I would find it hard to believe, but I figured I would ask the question.
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              I'm not sure in what context Oracle might be said to be promoting ANSI SQL. There are certain bits of Oracle's implementation of ANSI SQL which are better than their Oracle equivalents (the OUTER JOIN synstax which supports FULL outer joins is the obvious one here).

              But there are lots of enhancements in Oracle which are not ANSI SQL, so I doubt Oracle would ever promote ANSI. I mean, the Oracle 10g docs still don't deprecate DECODE() in favour of ANSI- compatible CASE() - or have I missed something?

              Cheers, APC
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                Chet Justice
                The statement had me a bit confused. I didn't want to get into a discussion without having something to back me up.

                I had read that there were some things ANSI did better. What I have worked on so far is absolutely unreadable and there are 20 LEFT JOINs in the view (1500 lines). Lots of fun.
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                  Certainly if you go on Oracle courses, the trainers there say that ANSI is now supported in Oracle and that it is the preferable way to use ANSI syntax for things like Outer Joins. But, apart from their word, I don't have anything official.