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    OIP-0000:Messge 0 not found

      Hello experts,

      I developed my VB6.0 application with
      Oracle8i(oo4o 8.1.6) in WindowNT.
      Later on i copy my application to an another
      machine with Window xp and oracle oo4o
      installed. I always got this message
      OIP-0000:Message 0 not

      I noticed that this error occurred when

      1.There is single record in my oradc. And i want to
      delete it.
      2.I create OraDynaset for example
      TransInfo = mOraDatabase.CreateDynaset(SQL$, 0&)
      But when the Dynaset is empty, this MoveLast statement
      cause this error.

      It seems that oracle cannot deal with the NULL
      recordset. But my program worked fine before i move it
      to WindowXP machine.
      Does this problem come with WindowXP, VB or oracle?
      Did i miss some library, package or forget to register
      some DLLs?

      This is urgent. Please help me.

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          This usually pops up when there is a mismatch between the version of the client software that is installed and the version of the client software that the program is expecting to use. Make sure you have the 8.1.7 client software installed if you are using the 8.1.7 version of OO4O.
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            Hello, Mark,

            In the machine that i developed the application, i got
            Oracle 8i(8.1.6)
            Window NT version 4.0

            In the test machine, I have Oracle 8i(8.1.7)
            OS Window XP professional version 5.1