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    adadmin error - DCPW null for "IZU" - aipspv(): Error setting up PDI list


      I am getting the folowing error while running adadmin

      Connecting to SYSTEM......Connected successfully.

      Connecting to APPLSYS......Connected successfully.

      AD Administration error:
      DCPW null for "IZU" [278]

      AD Administration error:
      Failed getting PDI list for product 'izu'

      AD Administration error:
      aipspv(): Error setting up PDI list for upgrade

      Already checked the metalink notes

      294354.1 Failed Getting Pdi List For Product 'Alr'
      211674.1 Autoupgrade Fails with Error setting up PDI listc
      171092.1 AutoPatch Error: aipspv()

      Checked the status of IZU product in fnd_product_installations

      What does this "DCPW" stand for ?
      adadmin complains of the value being null
      What should be the right value ?
      How can I update that ?

      Can someone please help to resolve the issue