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    Punchout erroring


      We are facing a problem with punchout in our applications after bouncing our servers to resolve performance issues. After logging into oracle apps,
      When clicking on responsibility: self service purchsing- USA -> Office supplies or Premium and Promotional items or Stationery, the page is erroring out with Error: 301 in one instance and with error 201 in another instance.

      Error is as below:

      Error Code: 301 Unable To Retrieve Supplier Information
      Company/User information not found in database.

      Error Code: 201 Unable To Reach Supplier Site
      Unable to send the Login Request XML.
      Supplier Login URL:

      We are checking if any firewalls settings have changed. I also checked the metalink notes 278113.1 for error 301 and 343799.1 for error 201. I also verified if everything is correctly set in the table icx_por_item_sources.

      Can anybody help me in resolving the issue?

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          For the error 301:
          I think you are using a catalog that is downloaded from Oracle Exchange. It seems that either the original exchange catalog is not available (or) the downloaded supplier catalog has some issues. You can delete the catalogs and synchronize the supplier catalogs with Exchange again.

          As for error 201:
          It seems like an issue with the supplier url (or) the supplier url is down.

          Hope this helps.