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    rdf indexing

      How do I create an index that speeds up the following query (i.e., I don't want the query to do a full table scan)
      select max(to_number(a.triple.get_object()))
      from family_rdf_data a
      where to_char(a.triple.get_property()) = 'employeeNumber:'
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          How about

          create index idx1 on family_rdf_data(triple.get_property());

          There should not be a need to use to_char() in your query I think. to_char() can be necessary if the index is on triple.get_object() if some object values are greater than 4000 characters (and hence stored as CLOBs).

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            We are running a Oracle10g (Release What is the syntax for forcing Oracle to use an index in SPARQL queries (we use the Jena plugin for full SPARQL support).

            Thanks for your help!