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    Integration Question

      We are planning to integrate our corporate website with Oracle Apps for creation of Appointment/Task,I have the following questions
      1)How the security is to be taken care of if we want to call the Oracle API via database link or some gateway?
      2)The corporate webserver is outside the firewall while Oracle Apps is inside,how both of them can talk to each other is that some thing has to be done with the firewall setting?
      3)If Oracle Apps is down for maintenance usually how the companies handle transaction or do they just show a message that temporarily it is down,currently our requirement is to allow the customers to create task/appointments 24*7 as part of the requirement we need to check the territories/shift for availability for assignment of task so we can store the data temporarily and process it later also we need to return a confirmation number.

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          Hi Sunil,

          There are multiple solutions for this integration type. I am willing to help you create a design. We have similar integrations between our website and applications on the lan. But your world is not ours, so because of possible restrictions or chances you could come up with a different solution...

          For a start:
          1. try to describe your current integration products that you use
          2. write down your quality-aspects that this solution should respect/follow to be able to define your principles (==architecture)
          3. describe your current infrastructure how your website is connected to your LAN-sctructure.

          Maybe we should setup a discussion off-line outside this forum. It could become a long thread.
          How can we contact?

          Ton Eusterbrock
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            My email address:sunilgks@gmail.com If you can send me your contact# and best time to call you that would be really great.
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              You're questions do not have an "out of the box" answer unfortunately. I'll try to answer them in the best way I can based upon my experience with Interconnect and security.

              1. This is a very specific security question. Things you need to take into account : What is going over the line from and to Oracle Apps? What is the information involved exactly?

              2. This a specific firewall/network issue. I would suggest you contact someone who's responsible for the network and explain your situation to him/them. They can come up with the answers what is needed to get things to work.

              3. This is entirely dependent how the interface is implemented. If it is implemented asynchronously the transactions are stored in Interconnect when Oracle Apps is down for maintenance. If it comes back up IC redeliveres the transactions.

              If you need an answer right away from Oracle Apps ( synchronous ) the situation is different. if Apps is down Interconnect will wait for xxxxxx milliseconds ( adapter.ini configuration ) if it expires it will drop the message and give a timeout to the caller.

              Hope this helps a bit.