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    Steps for SQL Tunning

      How to tune any SQL Query.

      Let's take an example..

      I have a SQL which is taking huge time, what steps do i need to follow to tune any query.

      If i am database developer then ?

      If i am database DBA then ?
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          See the following link:
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            sorry but that link sucks. Any advice to start playing with kernel parameters and initialization parameters before tuning a single SQL statement is madness.

            When creating a new db fair enough, take time to make sure the kernel parameters, disks, initialization parameters etc are setup correctly. But to do so after a system is up and running is a serious step. You need to be 100% sure that changing a kernel parameter is going to have the desired affect before doing so as it needs a server reboot.

            if you want to learn how to tune SQL got to asktom.oracle.com and search for 'tuning'
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              To be honest, there's a lot to consider when coming to tune your SQL.

              I attended a 3 day SQL Tuning course at Oracle to gain the basic understanding of what needs doing. There's no way that can be detailed in single points here on a forum.
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                I couldn't agree more, I've been on the same course - and that just starts you off. I think it's all about knowledge and understanding, the more you know and understand, the better you're able to tune.

                The only advice I can think of is reading, testing, reading, testing and then reading some more. The oracle docs are always a good place to start
                and for a really good understanding of the optimizer read Jonathan Lewis's book

                from a developer's view I would go to asktom as said previously.
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                  "Remember, you must ALWAYS start by holistic SQL tuning by holistic methods"

                  "If you have SQL that frequently tests SQL, creating an index on NULL values"

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                    William Robertson
                    I think that must mean holistic in the redneck sense of the word.
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                      I was having a private bet with myself, how many posts after a burleson link before the redneck link appears! I guessed about 8 but you got there way before that.
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                        Awe sheez.. Again. Bashing Mr Burleson. Come on!

                        You guys know that is NOT acceptable!! You very well know the rules of when it comes to Burleson-bashing.

                        So last warning. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!

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                        • 9. redneck?
                          wots a redneck?
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                            William Robertson
                            > wots a redneck?

                            If only there was an online dictionary.
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                              This thread is priceless - thank you for a good laugh! ;)

                              About the original question - it is indeed a vast subject.
                              After 10 years working with Oracle you're off to a good start.
                              But .. just when you think you are beginning to understand something - carpet is yanked below your feet ;)