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    Daylight Saving Time change in US

      I'm looking for some guidance about whether the Outlook Time Zone Update Tool (released by Microsoft on 1/30/07) is necessary to adjust OCFO calendars. We've run the tool against a couple of test installs -- one with Outlook 2002 and one with Outlook 2003 (both using OCFO -- and with Outlook 2002 the MS tool failed to identify any meetings needing updating. With Outlook 2003, the MS tool identified 4 meetings requiring time zone updates, but failed to update them, and the tool's log file shows the same error code for all 4 meetings (unfortunately I don't have the log file to copy at the moment).

      But the real question is: Does the tool need to be run with an OCFO install? It seems the tool is designed for a standalone Outlook install, and should be run against a locally stored calendar only.

      Thoughts? Guidance?

      Thanks in advance,

      Barry Eriksen
      NC State University
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          Still looking for an answer to this question...anybody able to run the MS Outlook Time Zone Updater Tool without error on an OCFO install?

          I've asked our sys admin with Metalink access to post this query through official support channels. Will share the answer but hoping for some info from others.

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            I'm also looking for an answer, so please do tells us what Oracle says. I ran the tool on Outlook 2003 with OCFO and it tried to change 14 meetings. I also got the failure messages in the logs, but it did in fact change (start time moved 1 hour back) at least one meeting. And when I ran it a second time, it found nothing to change.
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              No one ever responded to my colleague's Metalink post on this same question. :(

              When we ran the tool in testing, it returned errors and was inconsistent in changing meeting times. So we recommended to our end users of OCFO that instead of running the Microsoft tool, they review meeting times in the Oracle web calendar and make adjustments as necessary therein.